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Company Profile
Yanshi Ranhe Biomaterial Co. Ltd is high-tech private stock enterprise specialized in R&D and producingof green surfactants.

Our leading productsinclude APG (alkyl polyglycosides), AEG(alcohol ether glycosides), Polyethylene Glycoland AEC(alcohol ether carboxylic acid and salts) withannual output of 10,000 tons.

In ecogreen technology of production process from natural renewable plantmaterials.
Equipped with advanced emulsification synthesis and distillation separation equipmentsandintegrated perfect automatic control system,by virtue of our ownindependent intellectualproperty rights, our company usephase transfer catalysis and direct glycosylation clean production technology, we have annual production capacity of 10,000 tons of alkyl glycosides, alcohol ether glycosides, polyethylene glycol stearatesand alcohol ether carboxylic acid and salt.

Our company has plenty of experience of R&D on fine chemicals and engineering design, has complete production and research system, and the advanced reliable means of detection. Company and Henan Polytechnic University have done exhaustive experiments and study for many years, optimized the process route, and obtained great breakthrough. Production is stable and non-wastes discharge.

By establishing an efficient management system, cultivating a high-quality workforce, adhering to focus on eco-friendly surfactants, the company has continuously created the competitive advantagewith the mission of "providing high-quality products and services and improving customer value", Sincerely look forward to working together with our customers for mutual benefit and win-win situation.

For any further enquiry, welcome contact our team:
Email: surfactant@mellandecogreen.com


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