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Company Profile

Yanshi Ranhe Biomaterial Co. Ltd grows out of a research institution which research and develop fine chemicals for more than 20 years. Along with national strategic adjustments and enterprise reform, under the support of technicians, the independent manufacturer was established in 2011. The company is a high-tech private stock enterprise for professionally R&D, producing, marketing and servicing of green surfactant.

The company is located in the central plains,is in the industrial zone of Yanshi city, Henan Province, the ancient captial of 7 dynasties having profound cultural deposits. It is 30 km from the ancient captial of Luoyang city, in the north against Mang mountain, and in the south near Yi river and Luo river. Lian-Huo highway and Longhai railway cross in the border of Yanshi city, and 310 and 207 national highway abuts upon. The geographic position is of much importance, and it has convenient transportations.

Company has a plenty of experience of R&D on fine chemicals and engineering design, has complete production and research system, and the advanced reliable means of detection. Company and Henan Polytechnic University have done exhaustive experiments and study for many years, optimized the process route, and obtained great breakthrough. Production is stable and non-wastes discharge. Company adopts self-owned intellectual property unique phase transfer catalysis and direct glycosylation clean method, uses natural plant raw materials. Company has advanced emulsifying synthesis and distillation separation equipments that integrate advanced and perfect automatic control system. Company mainly produces and sells alkyl polyglycosides, and Alkyl ethoxy polyglycosides (AEG), series of non-ionic surfactant.

Company takes enterprise spirit of self-discipline and social commitment, and takes the theory of business of honest arduous pioneering, innovation excellence, scientific management, and sustained development. By building high-efficiency management system, cultivating competent staff team, and insisting on green professional path, company continuously builds core competitive advantage of professional quality and Ranhe Brand. We will improve the value of customers by good products and specialized service, and join hands with customers to develop, mutual benefit and win-win, and create beautiful futures and beautiful China.

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