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Pharmaceutical companies are coming, what should daily chemical companies do?


Where there are people, there are rivers and lakes, and there is a market for favorable projects! Compared with the research and development costs of pharmaceutical companies that cost more than 100 million yuan, years of clinical trials, high investment in production environments, layers of exploited sales channels, and daily chemical companies Obviously my days are much more comfortable. Since then, some pharmaceutical companies with ideas have begun to invest in the daily chemical industry.

Tongrentang, Yunnan Baiyao, Ma Yinglong... One by one, familiar pharmaceutical companies have introduced daily chemicals and gradually gained market recognition. Gradually, the number of pharmaceutical companies involved in daily chemicals began to increase.

Compared with many daily chemical companies, pharmaceutical companies have their natural advantages in launching daily chemical products:

First, the capital is strong. Judging from the companies that have entered the daily chemical industry, they all have strong capital strength and can guarantee a long-term continuous investment. This is stronger than many daily chemical companies.

Second, the technical force is great. Undoubtedly, the technical reserves of pharmaceutical companies are stronger than that of many daily chemical companies. After all, the pharmaceutical industry is closely related to human life, and it is an industry that pays attention to product effects and quality.

Third, consumers are more likely to believe in the efficacy of its products. Medicine, giving consumers an intuitive feeling is the effect. Therefore, consumers are very easy to accept when they see that it is a daily chemical product launched by a pharmaceutical company that claims to have special effects. The products made by pharmaceutical companies are certainly effective. As a result, Yunnan Baiyao toothpaste has been supported by consumers!

So, in the face of aggressive pharmaceutical companies, how should daily chemical companies respond?

First, pay attention to consumers and study consumer needs. It can be said that consumer research is the strength of daily chemical companies. It is precisely by accurately grasping the needs of consumers that daily chemical companies have been able to launch one after another popular products. The same is washing powder. Why does it have orange flavor, lemon flavor, and sunshine flavor? Because the research team of daily chemical companies found that consumers have emotional needs in addition to cleaning needs. This is the business opportunity brought by consumer research. In this regard, pharmaceutical companies are still in their infancy. Daily chemical companies should pay more attention to consumers and discover new opportunities.

Second, focus on talents and improve the team. The way for pharmaceutical companies to enter the daily chemical industry is to find talents from the existing daily chemical companies and invite them to join. With a team, there will be development. Therefore, it should be time for the bosses of daily chemical companies to pay more attention to your team and your talents. At the same time, the talents and teams mentioned here not only mean the talents and teams within the daily chemical companies, but also the talents and teams outside the company, especially third-party teams with rich experience in the daily chemical industry. These teams are not in harmony. If you are together, you are likely to be together with pharmaceutical companies.

Third, focus on channels and improve the quality of the sales network. China has a complex structure of urban consumption power and diversified channels. For many daily chemical companies, channel success is a weapon for making a fortune. Facing the attack of pharmaceutical companies, daily chemical companies should give full play to this advantage, deepen and broaden their sales channels, and continuously improve the quality of their sales network.

Fourth, focus on products and ensure quality. Product quality is the source of life for a company. For pharmaceutical companies, this has become the company's genes; for daily chemical companies, this is also particularly important. When a pharmaceutical company promotes the use of pharmaceutical standards to require the production of cosmetics, one can imagine its impact on consumers. Daily chemical companies should be particularly vigilant at this point and cannot lose at the root cause.

Fifth, focus on the world and set foot in overseas. China has become one of the important global production bases for daily chemical products, and also a large production site for daily chemical products. Its R&D and manufacturing capabilities have been recognized by the world. Major global manufacturers of daily chemical products have established R&D centers in China. And production base. However, it is a pity that many local manufacturers of daily chemical products are only squeezed to develop in the market of China, and few companies participate in the global market. It is true that the Chinese market is large enough to accommodate many companies. However, no matter how large a country's market is, it cannot be compared with the global market, and no matter how large a market is, it will be saturated. What's more, in addition to the companies that have been making daily chemical products are constantly conquering the city, there are also many pharmaceutical companies gearing up. It is time for China's daily chemical companies to go out.

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